So you want to share your ideas, thoughts or stories, but you never seem to have the time or your hands are always full. Well technology has come a long way. Using the voice dictation on your mobile device is a great way to get your ideas and thoughts out very quickly. what's also nice is that you can go back later and fix any of the errors or mistakes.

   Currently the ghost blogging platform does not support editing with mobile browsers. I would say that it’s very capable however, I’m using it right now to create this article with voice dictation of course :-) (while sitting in the bath tub). Ghost also provides desktop clients and an adriod app, and hopefully an iOS app in the future.

  Some of the main advantages of this method are that you can create articles on the go rather than sitting down at your desk behind your computer.  I suppose using voice dictation would also do away with carpal tunnel. Lastly it’s hands-free who doesn’t like hands-free specially on a small mobile device and if you’ve got fat fingers...

  At we are working to make it even easier for you to create great content to share.  So head over now and create your own website, oh and next time you’re relaxing in your bathtub throw in some essential oils, it may just relax your mind and help your thoughts flow more easily.

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