The Faces of Nepal

dōTERRA Creates 2,000 Jobs In Nepal Sourcing Wintergreen Essential Oils From The Steep Slopes of The Himalayas

The Faces of Nepal
It really was humbling to be greeted by the Nepali people as we arrived in the village of Ramechhap. Villagers from all over had lined both sides of the street and when we arrived put leis over our heads to welcome us.  

The women of the rural village of Rasnalu Ramechhap, Nepal wake up early in the morning to gather the wintergreen leaves and carry them down to the distillery.    

Each of these photos was taken in the small village of Rasnalu, where the wintergreen distillery is located.


Several groups from dōTERRA come to Ramechhap, Nepal every year. Traveling from Kathmandu takes anywhere from 6-8 hours, the last 2 hours being nothing but rocky dirt road.  


I had traveled to the same village nearly a year and a half ago and at that time had just started the foundation on the school that we were now finishing, It was really exciting to not only see, but to be a part of the work on the school.

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After all, Christmas is the season for giving.

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