An Essential Oil Kit Just For Your Kids!

Find Out What’s in dōTERRA's new Kids Collection Kit, I'll Give you A hint.... Essential Oils :)

An Essential Oil Kit Just For Your Kids!
Bring some color into your child's life and your own, you can use them too, but don't tell them :).

dōTERRA is always looking for better ways to use essential oils and making products that can serve those purposes. This years dōTERRA convention held in Salt Lake City Utah saw the release of several of those new and interesting products The "dōTERRA kids COLLECTION" was just one of them.

The kids Collection kit comes in a fun little bag made with a rubbery external PVC shell and a polyester lining. The kit includes 6 Essential oil Roll On Bottles.

Thinker and Calmer are intended to help with both Focus and Restfulness. The Primary ingredient in each of the Blends is Cocos Nucifera Or (Fractionated Coconut Oil) Which even when using none blended oils should be added when applied to the skin to help with the oils natural evaporative properties and to help with the dispersion of the oil. The Thinker Blend has Vetiver Peppermint Clementine and Rosemary. The Calmer Blend on The other hand has Lavender Cananga Flower Budda Wood and Roman Chamomile, and Smells very similar to dōTERRA's Serenty Blend.  

Stronger Includes Cedarwood, Litsea, Frankincense and Rose Oils. Rescuer: Copaiba, Lavender Spearmint and Zanthoxylum fruit oil.

Lastly are the Brave and Steady blends, I'll Start with the steady blend and save my favourite for the end. Steady's grounding scent is filled with Amyris Bark, Balsam Fir Bark, Coriander Seed and Magnolia Flower for a very deep wood smell and a hint of flower. The Brave has the scent of Orange Schubert, if I could eat it I think I would. Just behind Coconut oil is the Wild Orange which gives it that tasty smell It also includes the Amyris Bark oils and Osmanthus and Cinnamon which I don't doubt also help it smell so good.

Oh and almost forgot to mention the kit comes with these fun little caps that fit snug over the caps of the essential oil bottles and allow for easy carry/attaching to your bag or any other thing you or your child may choose.

Lastly although these blends are intended for children it is advised to keep out of the reach of children under the age of 3 years old. dōTERRA's essential oils are rigorously tested for quality to insure that they are safe for both you your family and kids, with that said, children may still have sensitivity to certain natural oils and should be applied in a small amount first to make sure that there is no adverse affect.

So Be Safe Have Fun and Enjoy Your New Essential Oils Kids Collection!! is a distributor of doTERRA’s CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils visit and become a member to save 25% on doTERRA products for the entire year.

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